(1) Why choose LKK?

With the accomplishment LKK has achieved today, LKK are very thankful for our staff’s loyalty and dedication.

LKK always gives great support to our staff in their career development. Our staff can have their career planning according to their interest, ability, and profession. LKK builds an advanced learning platform for our staff members. By systematic training, our staff improves their professional skills and gains experience. Our staff is growing together with LKK.

Welcome to join us!

(2) How to join us

1. Application process

a. You can sending your CV to Xiamen Talents Website, click the link below:

b. Or send your CV to HR department:

c. Work place: 3F, Building One, Zhongcang East Road 9, Haicang District, Xiamen (close to Mercedes Benz, Hundai automobile dealers)

(3) Salary and welfare

1. Base pay + merit pay
2. Year-end bonus
3. Five work-day per week
4. Five social insurance + housing fund
5. Transporting and catering allowance
6. Trip organized by company, holiday feast, year-end party, etc.

(4) Staff activities

Year-end party


Trip organized by LKK


Mid-autumn festival feast


Volunteers in a cycling trip